Level 2 Background Check

Level 2 Background Check

Nearly every industry is swarmed with a dozen companies claiming to provide the best service. Reputable and scam companies look similar and it is not easy to tell them apart. The same case applies to background check companies, with the web being a host to a dozen companies who are out to rip off innocent victims their hard-earned money.

A background check is simply collecting a pile of information related to a particular individual.

However, this information has to be collected from publicly available information and within the legally accepted limits of the law.

If done correctly, background checks uncovers multiple facets of information regarding an individual such as their legitimate name, legal name; various addresses linked to them, such as home or residential address, work address, postal address (both home and work); workplace, including the nature of business they are into; and so much more. However, the depth of information such as level 2 background check will often depend on that particular company you choose to conduct the search on your behalf and also the amount of info you want collected on the individual.

According to a recent study, Intelligator ranks among the top five best background check companies on the web. The Better Business Bureau (“BBB”) sets out guides and criteria for this kind of information for people to follow. It grades each company by assigning a rating. Its grading scale works just like the school-style, A+ to F, determined by quality and reliability, then issuing the appropriate grade for quality assurance. Intelligator is one of those companies that have been graded by the BBB and have received an “A” range grade. Its date of origin has also been considered as it boasts of over 10 years of experience.

It offers various choices or options. A standard report often includes basic information such as legal names, postal addresses, and phone numbers for a nominal fee. However, for a thorough background check , including the standard report and additional address history and possible or potential criminal indictments will normally cost more. Regardless of how expensive conducting a search by multiple means may be, it often justifies the higher cost. With today’s advanced technology in our society, the internet presents a wide array of worthy opportunities that both individuals and businesses can take advantage of. It offers things that could not be done online such as shopping and online searches. Today, individuals and companies can carry out a comprehensive online background check over the internet and accomplish more great things.

Intelligator offers a number of unlimited searches, which include inmate searches, criminal searches, background searches, people searches, sex offender searches, and phone investigations. A background check is a way to gather valuable information for a wide range of purposes including actionable intelligence. Each background check company conducts checks based on their own methodology or criteria. However, employers should determine that a company will be able to provide them with all the information they need prior to letting them conduct a background check on their potential employee. Regardless, most of these reputable companies will provide you with various pieces of information required to make the check complete and ‘all-inclusive’.

What makes Intelligator a background check company of choice is its access to the entire nation’s database records. Besides having access to over a billion records, the company also has access to nationwide court records, including over 3500 county court records; 50 Appellate courts and State sex offender records; over 1000 sources on over 30 years of address histories; over 250 county arrest records; over 300 million criminal records; and over 500 State and 100 plus Federal Prison data.

Level 2 background check involves fingerprint scan by the FBI to determine if an individual has committed a criminal offense especially if they are to work in an institution where children are involved, such as a school. Although it is good to trust, you have to verify. Intelligator offers Instant Background Check to aid in inquiring into an individual’s past in a discreet and efficient manner before you hire them in your company or organization. By subscribing into its instant access pass, you or your company will gain access to an effective nationwide search system designed to go through private and public data sources and ultimately compile a comprehensive report on the individual.