Kroll Background Check

Kroll Background Check

One of the major problems which many of the employers face today is that, they are unaware of the legitimacy of the people they hire. It is very difficult for the employers to check the background of all its employees before hiring them. There are chances that some employees provide false information about themselves. Hence a background checking process is absolutely necessary.

It is very important to conduct a background check so as to ensure maximum safety and minimize the possibility of violence and other unwanted happenings in the work place. Some employers require basic background check such as Name, Date of Birth, SSN number etc. whereas some employers require detailed background verification that includes income level, bank credibility etc. Many employers outsource this task, as it is quite difficult for them to perform these tasks on their own.

Kroll is one such company who provides in-depth background checks, which checks the legitimacy of the employee and help the companies in identifying legitimate employees. The company provides leading edge services to help employers to hire, promote and retain its employees. Kroll is a global reader in background verification process and is one of the most sought out companies for screening of employee application forms based on the background.

The company helps employers to screen employees and reduces the potential risk in the future. The verification process checks, verifies and also uncovers the birth, living, education and work details of a person. Kroll background check is well versed in country specific screening. Each country have their own laws and Kroll is well versed with all international regulations. Hence it is easy to perform background check of individuals specifically for each country or region.

The background check performed by Kroll is not only restricted to Name, Living and SSN number but can also identify various other details of a person. The detail background check includes verification of criminal records, individual credit reports, company credit reports, education status, previous employment verification, certificate and license verification, professional license verification, civil records, property details, bankrupt details, Internet presence, media presence, terrorism searches and political sanctions. These are client specific requirements and are disclosed if they are requested by the clients.

Apart from these services, several value added services such as drug testing and health condition testing etc…

All the verification’s and tests are performed in accordance to a separate investigative technique and assures quality.

Apart from the services mentioned above, Kroll provides elite form of background check known as the executive screening. When hiring executives for higher positions, employers require special form of verification. Hence the executive screening is tailored according to the needs of the company. Candidates slated for very high profile or high risk positions are verified with executive screening process. Each profile is assessed properly and a well experienced professional is assigned to uncover and assess the character, integrity of the candidate.

Many of the executives and high profile candidates study and live in foreign countries. Hence a thorough and in detailed analysis of the profile is absolutely necessary. The executive check uncovers and assess some of the crucial information about a candidate.

The tests and verification process are not just a one step process. It is a multi step process, which includes periodic update of the available details. The records of a person change from time to time and Kroll ensures that the database is periodically updated so as to provide best services to its clients. The company provides both pre employment verification as well as post employment assessment of the candidates.

The verification process conducted by Kroll is in compliance with privacy protection act established by the European commission as well as it complies with the United States department of Commerce standards.

Kroll background check not only provides quality information about the employees but also provides a great level of confidentiality. The details and results of the verification process are not open to other employers or any media, thereby providing greater level of confidentiality and integrity to its clients. Thus Kroll agency is beneficial for both the employer as well as the employee. It is possible for the candidate to get his details verified with the employer without disclosing some of the confidential details to the outside world.