How to Find Out If Someone Is Married

How to Find Out If Someone Is Married

Is she or he married?

If you need to know how to find out if someone is married, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than people think. A basic people search may not provide you with a concrete answer, but there are other ways to find out if someone is married, has a criminal history and much more.


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Why a Self-Marriage License Search Won’t Work

You can call your local courthouse and find out if a person is married in some cases. This will take a lot of work and money in most cases. You’ll need to know:

  • The person’s first and last name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Date of marriage.



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Many times, you’ll need even more information. Courthouses will even send a copy of a marriage certificate in some cases, but you will need to prove that you’re a sibling or child. There are also paid services if you need to have a copy of the marriage certificate.

If all you want to know is if a person is married, this is overkill.

Marriage Registry

A marriage registry is what some countries outside of the United States offer. This is a place that you can call and pay to find out if a person was married. This will only provide valid results if the person was married in a respective country.

There is also a marriage registry where people can put a wish list of items that they want for their wedding.

Stores, such as Macy’s, offer wedding and marriage registry services. Here, you will be able to find a person’s item wish list and often, the date they were supposed to be married. The biggest issue is that finding these registries is difficult and if a person broke off the engagement, the registry may still exist.

If you’re trying to find out information about a potential marriage in another country, you can contact that country’s embassy for further details.

Background Check Services

The easiest way to find out if someone is married.

A background check service will have access to data that is either too costly to receive, or too timely to acquire. Using databases with millions of people and marriage certificates, it will only take minutes to find out if he or she has tied the knot.

Been Verified is the premiere background check service and provides access to nationwide marriage registration records

This is just the information that pertains to a person being married. Without picking up the phone or having to pay multiple sources to receive multiple marriage certificates or information, you can find it all on one source.


Just because a person was married, doesn’t mean they’re still married. After all, divorce is common, and he or she may have quickly broke it off. This leads you down a trail of uncertainty because even though a marriage license is obtained, this doesn’t tell you the current state of the marriage.

Did he or she get divorced? Did he or she have a spouse that died?

All of this information will not be provided by a local courthouse and will leave you unsure of a person’s marriage status.

With any criminal background screening service, accuracy is done in near real-time. Databases are either directly accessed, or they are updated daily to provide you with the most accurate marriage status possible. Now, you’ll be able to see if:

  • He or she got divorced
  • His or her spouse passed away

The most up-to-date, accurate information is left for you.

Further Information

Whether you’re a person’s partner or you’re looking into a person from the past, you want more information to fill in the gaps in their life. A marriage registration doesn’t paint the full picture of a person or the life that they’ve had.

A background check will provide you with:

  • Criminal activity. Was the person arrested in the past? Do they have a criminal record? If they were married before, were there any domestic abuse claims that would be of a concern to you? This is all of the detailed information that a background check will provide.
  • Number and address. Does he or she still have the same phone number, or have they moved?
  • Sex Offender. One of the last things a person wants to find on a person’s report. If he or she has been accused of having sex with someone under the age of consent, they will be on the sex offender registry.

Background checks provide all of this information and more. You’ll even be able to find out who a person’s relatives are and where they live.

Knowing if someone just got married doesn’t provide you with enough information about their life. Whether you think you met Mr. or Mrs. Right and want to investigate them a little further by digging into their past or you’re looking up a friend, a background check is a wise choice. Knowing just if a person is married will lead to further, unanswered questions.

When you must know if he or she is married, you need the fastest, most reliable background check available. It’s easy to use and has access to nationwide marriage registries and databases for precise, accurate information.

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