Instant Checkmate Review

When you get a new neighbor or think you’ve met Mr. Right on eHarmony, it can be all too easy to trust what a person says. Unfortunately, without a lot of information, it’s very hard to run a background check on someone. After all, would you give your potential date your social security number? Instant […]

First Advantage Background Check

What Does A First Advantage Background Check Show?

Looking for First Advantage Background Check reviews? Known for being one of the best background check companies in the world, First Advantage provides you with the information you need before hiring an employee. Offering a variety of services, the company boasts a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to self-checks to look into […]

Level 2 Background Check

Nearly every industry is swarmed with a dozen companies claiming to provide the best service. Reputable and scam companies look similar and it is not easy to tell them apart. The same case applies to background check companies, with the web being a host to a dozen companies who are out to rip off innocent […]

Background Check For Employment

Understanding Your Rights For Employment Screening Services Employers may perform background checks on potential employees for many reasons. The type of information they may seek will depend on the employer and the position you are applying for. Below are just a few reasons why employers perform a background check for employment. Liability protection. Negligent hiring […]

Kroll Background Check

Kroll Background Check

One of the major problems which many of the employers face today is that, they are unaware of the legitimacy of the people they hire. It is very difficult for the employers to check the background of all its employees before hiring them. There are chances that some employees provide false information about themselves. Hence […]

hireright background check

Hireright Background Check

Why It Pays To Screen Potential Employees Nowadays, you never know what the people who you come into contact with are really like. Just because someone seems like a good, trustworthy person doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. Fortunately, a HireRight background check can help you learn more about people before trusting them with your […]