Finding Accurate Criminal Records Online

Criminal records and background checks are becoming essential for all of us. When someone new comes into your families lives, it is often best to run a complete criminal background check online to search public records about their past.

This will not only cover the save you countless hours trying to combine multiple public records databases, it also helps you quickly ensure if this new person is responsible. It will also dig much deeper into the person’s past and you uncover divorce records, driving citations and more.

What is a Criminal Background Check?

Background checks go much deeper than most people believe. Have you ever had your background checked by someone else? Chances are you have had your criminal records looked into and do not know the extent of history that has been revealed.

A routine background check, will include the following information:
    • Marriage History: Depending on the online dating service used, divorce history may be not readily available. If you are dating online, wouldn’t like to know if you are talking with someone with a history of failed marriages before you start down that road too?


    • Court Records: If you have been summoned to court for anything, this will be on your record. From speeding tickets to theft, you can be sure that this is all a part of the background check that someone has run on you.


    • Criminal Records: There is a reason why convicts have such a difficult time obtaining a job. Criminal records will be present on every background check performed against your name. This will list any crimes you have been convicted of in the past.


    • Verification: Ensuring that a person is who they say they are is of the utmost importance. This will be revealed on a standard records check.


    • Driving Records This is a detailed report of traffic offenses and accidents.


    • Residency History: Addresses that a person is tied to throughout their life. These come from property records and voting records among many other sources.


  • Sex Offender Index: Any person that has been convicted of a sexual offense must register in the national index. This will be available on most background checks.

Background checks are also becoming increasingly complex. In fact, more information is available now with your standard criminal background check than what was available just 5 years ago. This allows those that check a person’s background to have a more complete picture of the person in question.


Even if you do not have a need to investigate another person in this manner, you may want to do run a background check on yourself. This will allow you to know what is on your record as well as correct any issues before trying to get a loan, rent a home or even land a job.

Who Needs to Run a Background Check?

employee criminal background check

The question of who needs to run a background check should be obvious at this point. With the immense availability of records, virtually everyone that comes into contact with your loved ones in any setting should have their background looked into.

While not extensive, the following often request a background check to be done:

Your Neighbors:

  • For parents, this is obviously the most logical using into using our public records search. You want to make sure your child’s friends parents are who they say they are.
  • Potential Online Dating Partners: Just follow Craigslist in the news and you will see how scary online dating can be. This is why a small investment for a background screen before you meet anyone you found online is a good idea. You can never be to cautious when it comes to meeting someone that contacted you on the internet in real life.

There are many times that you may need to have your background checked, or you may actually have to run a check on another person. With the ability to check criminal records at any time, the need for a screening has simply grown.

As more and more of the world moves into dating online, the growth of background checks will continue to rise.

Advantages to Pulling Criminal Records Online

There are a plethora of advantages to running a criminal background check on yourself or another person. This will include:

  • Verification of a person’s identity
  • The marriage history and divorce record of any person
  • A detailed description of any crimes a person has committed
  • The driving history and responsibility of a person

For us the biggest advantage is when someone new moves into your neighborhood, in this instance the advantages also include:

  • Ensuring no sexual predators are re-locating to your area
  • Keeping your kids away from any potential predators

There is no better way to verify the details of a person’s life than with a background check.

The inclusion of a person’s resident history and criminal history paints a clear picture of the person.

The more information that is provided the better when it comes to a complete background check and verification. While a person may have been able to lie in the past about their criminal records or even their identity, a background check will be able to verify all of this information in an instant.

If you have a need to look into a person, such as a new neighbor or coach, you can conduct a criminal records check online. A background check will not notify the person that a check has been made and you can get the information you need to make an informed decision.